Tips for Parents: Dental Care for Kids

Parents want the best for their children in every aspect of life. From early on in life, parents have big dreams for their children. Thy want their kids to have the best of everything in life. This includes dental care. They understand the importance of a great smile and healthy teeth. The following tips help parents achieve those goals and provide their little ones with a beautiful, healthy smile for many years to come.

Tip One: Brush Early

Babies should see the dentist for the first time by the age of one.  As soon as the first tooth appears, it’s time to get a baby toothbrush and non-fluoridated toothpaste to clean the tooth and the gums. Talk to your dentist to learn the best baby toothpaste use.

Tip Two: Brush for Two Minutes

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Kids should brush their teeth twice per day for two minutes each session.  Never scrub the teeth, but instead use gentle circular strokes. Clean the back of the teeth as well as the tongue.  Help children who are too young to clean their teeth themselves.

Tip Three: Visit the Dentist

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends kids (and adults) visit the dentist twice per year for dental exams and cleanings. This keeps the teeth healthy and clean! Parents can even use this visit to express any concerns with their child’s oral health and to get a few more care tips.

A beautiful smile is one of the most valuable things that we all own but if we don’t take care of the smile, it can be gone in no time. The tips above are a few of the many that help parents get a head start on their kids dental care south weymouth ma. Use this information as a guide to help you prevent tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease in your children.

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