3 Benefits of Getting Braces

When many dental patients think of braces, they imagine clunky, painful silver braces that require constant visits to the dental office. However, dental technology has changed over the years and there is no need for painful braces. Traditional metal braces have become more comfortable, so patients can straighten their teeth with less discomfort.

Oral Health is Improved

Misalignment can wreak havoc on your oral health, which makes braces a necessity for many patients. Straighter teeth are more effectively cleaned, brushed, and flossed, so no bacteria or plaque is left behind. Crooked or misaligned teeth cause problems while cleaning, as brushed or floss may not be able to remove all bacteria and cavities and periodontal disease may develop.

Aids in Digestion

dental braces hemet

You may not realize it but having misalignment in teeth can affect the way you chew and eat food. The stomach needs food to be in small pieces in order to digest it, though improper alignment can make it difficult to chew food completely. Digestion takes longer if food is not chewed completely, which can lead to stomach upset. Braces make it possible to chew food completely and allow the body to fully digest it.

Prevention of Dental Issues

By getting dental braces hemet residents can prevent the development of a wide variety of dental issues. Misalignment in teeth can cause jaw problems, cavities, and more. When teeth are not properly aligned, the jaw does not rest in the proper position and it is more difficult to clean in between teeth. The jawbone can also erode if bacteria is not completely removed from the teeth and gums.

Your oral health is important and should be preserved by regular dental visits. If you believe you may need braces, speak with your dentist to determine whether or not you qualify for braces and to discuss other aspects of your oral health.

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