Traits of Top Assisted Living Facilities

Choosing an assisted living facility for a member of your household is a tough decision. There are multiple facilities to choose from and they vary dramatically based on the quality of care, amenities offered, staff-to-patient ratio, visiting hours, level of assistance provided, and more. Top facilities share some common traits, which you can use to better determine what facility is best for your loved one.

Individualized Care

The goal of moving your family member or loved one into a care facility is to ensure that they are taken care and provided the senior care layton residents need to maintain a high quality of life. Communities you should consider have a staff-to-patient ratio that allows residents to get individualized care from compassionate staff members. Facilities with significantly more patients than staff members may not provide the flexibility and time needed for residents to receive the best care possible.

Cleanliness & Safety

There is no negotiating when it comes to a facilities’ cleanliness. A clean assisted living facility is necessary in order to keep residents and staff members safe from diseases, infections, and accidents. Top assisted living facilities maintain the property and ensure that messes are cleaned quickly. They also stress the cleanliness and hygiene of staff members and their grooming of patients, providing meticulous care to residents in the community.

Welcoming Atmosphere

An assisted living facility shouldn’t feel as though it is a prison. In fact, it should make residents and visiting family members and friends feel at home. Leaving a home you know and love is traumatic, so making residents feel at ease is something top facilities strive for. Family members should be encouraged to participate in community events and are welcome for unscheduled visits.

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Top living facilities make residents feel comfortable and provide the best care, stressing hygiene and maintaining safety standards and cleanliness throughout the community.